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Our portfolio below is a curation of the best of our product development as well as customized services.


WarpZone Screenshot WarpZone is a shared dashboard for teams to organize and access all their links such as those of Google Docs, Slides, Dashboards and so on.

This was born out of our own needs with the team working remotely, and collaborating on various platforms such as Google Suite, GitHub, Airtable, and so on. We built a dashboard to prevent searching our emails and group chats for links

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FlashCart Screenshots FlashCart is a shopping app that lets customers browse and order via WhatsApp. Shopkeepers get to manage their catalog with MS Excel / Google Sheets. Our login-less experience is super fast and convenient for both customers and shop managers.

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Client project: PureScan AI

PureScan AI PureScan AI is an Indian start-up working on food safety detection. We consult with them for website design and product development

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